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love is a universal language (Pakistan, Castellet i la Gornal)

Enviat el: dimarts, 25 Abril, 2017  18:30
Actualitzat el: dimarts, 25 Abril, 2017  18:31
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When we say love, an image of two people having a romantic relationship came into our minds. Love is the key to a fine and loving, joyful life. Love and relationship is a part of a successful life.
A fine example is, perceiving this word "LOVE" itself. For some people "LOVE" is pure magical, and it can only be felt and can't be explained. The simple name of this whole emotion is LOVE.
Love is caring purely for someone even after seeing his or her imperfections. Love is so powerful that the greatest of the sins have been committed in the name of love and the greatest of the sacrifices have been made in the name of love.
Their come a certain time in everyone's life in which he or she became a victim of love. Mostly people just fail to succeed their love and they simply lose all hope and it destroys them. That is why they say, "Love is a hurricane".
Love can also be for materialistic things or the love of food. A quote is "there is no love more sincere than the love of food".
It is not a crime, but sometime it became both these things like when someone confesses his or love to someone and he or she got rejected then he breaks down, thinking that he is the most unlucky and alone person alive. That is when love becomes evil and crime.
Love only those who are worthy of your love. Love is many things but not evil. Love is pure.
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